We believe the best testament to the effectiveness of our care is the feedback we get from satisfied patients. Take a look at what our patients are saying about their experience with Pain Relief of Dayton.


“After years of steroids for ulcerative colitis, I was suffering from many of its side effects. I was 6’2” when I started and now, due to the bone softening side effect, I am 5’8”. My weight was 170 pounds and now it’s over 250. My spine was crushing and pinching the nerves. Dr. B introduced me to radiotherapy. We did the procedure on my lumbar and cervical areas. I went from a pain level of ten to a level four. I encourage anyone with back pain to check this treatment facility and team out. Because of the treatment, I am able to lead a more-than-normal life. I cook for charities and am able to do my own housework. If it wasn’t for Dr. B, I would be sitting at home suffering.”