We believe the best testament to the effectiveness of our care is the feedback we get from satisfied patients. Take a look at what our patients are saying about their experience with Pain Relief of Dayton.

“After years of steroids for ulcerative colitis, I was suffering from many of its side effects. I was 6’2” when I started and now, due to the bone softening side effect, I am 5’8”. My weight was 170 pounds and now it’s over 250. My spine was crushing and pinching the nerves. Dr. B introduced me to radiotherapy. We did the procedure on my lumbar and cervical areas. I went from a pain level of ten to a level four. I encourage anyone with back pain to check this treatment facility and team out. Because of the treatment, I am able to lead a more-than-normal life. I cook for charities and am able to do my own housework. If it wasn’t for Dr. B, I would be sitting at home suffering.” -- Barbara
“While on vacation, without any warning, I had the onset of excruciating lower back pain. Immediately, I went to an emergency room where I was given pain medications. Upon arriving home to Ohio, the pain continued so I sought the advice from several doctors who all recommended I have surgery, which I did not want. So, my family doctor referred me to Dr. Buenaventura for pain management. Dr. B prescribed a series of epidural steroid injections to my lower back. With time, I noticed a slow but sure improvement in the level of pain I was experiencing. Eventually, the pain went away! I realized throughout my treatments how much Dr. B really listens and cares about his patients, and my results are proof of that.” -- Ms. S.
“I have been seeing Dr. Buenaventura for the last six months for sever and chronic back pain. I have been extremely pleased with his office in all aspects. When calling the office, a courteous and professional staff member is there to assist in any way. The staff is super-friendly and, in my case, has gone above and beyond in helping me deal with my insurance company. Dr. Buenaventura really cares about patients and does his best to alleviate their pain. He takes as much time as is necessary to go over X-rays and tests, completely answer any questions and explain procedures and options. He REALLY LISTENS, which is so rare with doctors these days. Another big plus is the short waiting period. I can say with all honesty that I highly recommend Dr. Buenaventura for pain management.” -- Donald
“From the moment I walked into the office, I felt completely comfortable. The girls at the front desk were so friendly and helpful. The nurse was amazing and Dr. Buenaventura was compassionate to my pain. I had no fear and was never nervous even through all the injections. They truly do care. Because of all of them, I found that there really are angels on earth. I have so much appreciation for each and every one of them.” -- Pam